It's very simple:
Unzip the content of the packages into the "\pano\"-folder of your current version of JONGL.
That's it!

Package Description Size Date
big(1), big(2) all panoramas with the greatest resolution 73 MB 21.05.2006
small all panoramas with lower resolution 16 MB 21.05.2006

Most of the panoramas in these files are projected on a cylinder. This gives very good results for a horizontal ground and for example an inner courtyard. Not every environment has this favorable property. So the illusion of an wide landscape is only given for a certain point of view.
Don't be disappointed, it would be too much work modelling every landscape.
It may take a while to load the panoramas in JONGL, so I have created two versions, a small one for slow computers/downloads and a big one for those who want to enjoy the full resolution.

  Ludwig Klam   21.05.2006
L . K l a m at g m x . d e